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Phil Dewitte

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I have been working in audiovisual production for 25 years. As student, I wrote a thesis entitled: “The Importance of the Script in the Commercial Success of a Film ». I soon became production manager to produce and direct several TV series, which have been sold in more than 50 countries. I have most often been called upon as a scriptwriter, producer and director for institutional films, advertising films, video clips or documentaries. My experience as a producer and director gives me a good overall picture of the film production process.

As a producer, I have demonstrated that I can manage a budget, a schedule and a team. The advertising film I have directed and produced, for example for Seat, has involved the participation of almost 40 people, including actors, technicians and assistant producers. A good producer knows how to manage and stick to a budget, negotiate rates and say NO to any demands which do not respect the budget or the schedule. As a director, the various prizes I have won demonstrate my creativity, my ability to assemble a skilled team and my will to give my best in every one of my films.


“Being the project manager, I folowed the entire production and, in that context, I had the chance to meet Philippe and work with him. Undoubtely talented and with a particular aesthetic inspiration, Philippe was an exceptional partner to work with. I apreciated his enthusiasm for the complex environmental topics we had to deal with and his ability to translate into audio visual language.”
Flavio Fergnani – Media and Multilmedia – European Environment Agency

“Dear Philippe, I can therefore confidently say that the end result of this film is not only testa- ment to your professionalism, but that your commitment to the realisation of this project is admirable, too – not to mention rarely seen. your flexibility, initiative and sound, along with your professional opinion were of crucial importance during the development of this film.”
Tom De Foer – Bristol-myers Squibb Belgium

“I appreciate Philippe’s professionalism, meticulousness, positive mind and above all his great imagination. ING derived great benefits from his experience and my team and I sincerely hope that we will have other opportunities to work with him in the near futiure.”
Anne Catherine Zoller - ING

“I wish to thank you for the excellent cooperation in our communication project and more specifically our advertising film. Both the technical quality and the originality of the scenario are appreciated. An ambitious film which stands out among the usual productions in car distribution up to now.”
Dimitri Gose – vW D’Ieteren

“Dear Philippe, I am proud to say that the final version of the film clearly shows your professionalism. your involvement in this project has been commendable. your flexibility, your spirit of initiative and your suggestions were of primordial importance to the production of this film.”
Nicolas kamoen – Business Unit manager audi –D’Ieteren Car centers

“I certify that I have benefited from the excellent services rendered by Philippe De Witte in the production of our film “Glass Unlimited.” This production is charac- terised by: strict compliance with demanding deadlines and budget – the pro- fessional quality expected from the production – the creativity needed to support the innovative image sought by our company.”
Benoit de Ligot – aGC Glass Europe