Lose yourself in the stunning scenery and unspoilt natural beauty of Montana, in the midst of forests, mountains, lakes and streams. We bring you a new challenge and adventure: a great story, a celebration of freedom, a thriller, and all for a good cause.

Production title: 1Life
Production Type: Independent 
Project length: Feature Film (90 minutes)
Production Company: 1Life Production
Director: Philippe De Witte
Producer: Philippe De Witte
Casting Director: Patricia Golden
Audition Locations: New York - Montana
Shooting Locations: Montana (USA) - Gent (Belgium)


Auditions: February - March 2019
Shooting Starts: May 2019

Please send headshot and resume to : (casting director)


Mat  Age 24-30
A loner, enjoys playing piano. Matt is a wildlife guide by profession, and lives in symbiosis with the nature and wildlife that surrounds him. When in contact with people, his behavior can sometimes be unpredictable. He could well shake up the small community in which he lives.

Harley Age 45-55
A heavy-set man, and not to be trusted. He serves only his own interests. Any alliance is conceivable as long as there is something in it for him. He has little or no consideration for anyone around him.

Cecil Age 25-35
In his 30s, pretty ripped, seems like a nice guy. His calm nature will make him a peacemaker when conflicts break out.

Amber  Age 27-35.
This determined young woman knows exactly what she wants. She is very athletic, and seems both mentally and physically strong. If it comes to a fight, she will do whatever it takes to defend her own interests.

Chao Age 22-28.
This young Asian woman is a student journalist, and therefore curious, interested in everything. Gentle, attentive to others, she is always willing to do anyone a favor. These qualities could prove to be her undoing.

Karin Age 50-60.
Pretty well-educated, somewhat middle-class, she is perhaps the most thoughtful and clear-sighted person in the community, but she is also fragile.

Steven Age 40-50
A man it’s better to have as a friend than an enemy. His words and gestures are constant testimony to his aggression towards society. He is clearly dangerous.